Ratio Eight coffee machine

Reinventing coffee
 from the grounds up

A new paragon in coffee

"Coffee brewing should be something you can see and you can smell, and you can kinda be part of."

Ratio Eight is uncompromising in quality

From the stainless steel shower head, which utilizes a Fibonacci Spiral pattern to ensure even water distribution over the grounds, to the precision machined die-cast aluminum body and borosilicate glass tank, we want you to have the best experience possible.

"I need to buy better appliances so they can sit next to my Ratio."

Owen Davidson

"My Ratio looks so good I have to remodel my kitchen now."

Abigail Buckland

It’s often said that form should follow function, as if tagging along with its older, wiser sibling. We prefer to think of form and function as colleagues, each challenging the other to be better.

Gift Card

Gift card

Want to please a close one but do not know which color to choose? The Ratio Gift Card is the perfect idea!

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