That guy that everyone went to for a good cup of joe

For Mark, what started as a basic appreciation in high school (while working for Starbucks) turned into a real hobby in college. During his years at university, Mark was that guy that everyone went to for a good cup of joe. He would bring beans from Portland and make coffee in his dorm room with a burr grinder and stainless steel french press. “College certainly evolved my appreciation of experience. It was a fun and romantic time - it seemed like it was always snowing in Michigan, and me and my buddies would smoke pipes with our tweed blazers while reading Beowulf. We pretended we were our own Ivy League. Our own Dead Poet's Society.”

When he wasn’t channeling his inner Professor Keating, Mark would post up at Torrefazione, a local cafe, which marked his day with a simple ritual: reading a book and watching baristas craft cup after cup of coffee with care.


Mark the founder of Ratio